Daniel O’Connor

Display the current temperature with PHP and Google’s (hidden) weather API

Screenshot of the weather indicator on Pipe Dream's website

All it takes is a few line of code to display the current temperature in any city using PHP and Google’s (hidden) weather API.

    $weather = simplexml_load_file('http://www.google.com/ig/api?weather=13902');
    $city = $weather->weather->forecast_information->city['data'];
    $degrees = $weather->weather->current_conditions->temp_f['data'];
    echo $degrees."&deg; - ".$city;

The code above displays the temperature for Binghamton, NY, but can be easily customized to work for any city. Simply change the ZIP code in the second line and Google’s API will do the rest. With a little bit of PHP and XML knowledge, you can even use the API to display a full 4-day forecast.

Update (Dec. 12, 2012): Google has taken down the unofficial weather API so this no longer works.

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