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Semester in Review: Top 10 Pipe Dream posts

This semester Pipe Dream received 159,276 visits and 313,853 pageviews. Nearly 25% of these visits were on mobile devices and 32% of visitors lived in Binghamton, Johnson City and Endicott.

47% of our traffic came from search engines while 33% came from other websites (referral traffic). Facebook accounted for 23% of our overall traffic.

Compared to the Fall 2010 semester, we received 19,000 more visits and 65,000 more pageviews. Two years ago, referral traffic made up only 25% of our traffic. Traffic from Facebook has more than doubled (37,000 visits this fall compared to 17,500 two years ago).

For better or worse, here’s a list of this semester’s most popular posts on the Pipe Dream website:

  1. 6,197: Katherine Modell, student, passes away in Dickinson Community
  2. 4,079: CoRE students fight to outwit Dropbox creators
  3. 3,808: Childish Gambino to perform in the West Gym
  4. 3,123: Updating: Greek Life student officials arrested on Saturday
  5. 2,996: Police raid parties, fraternity leaders arrested
  6. 2,908: Party Blind
  7. 2,613: Letter to the Editor: Respecting Privacy
  8. 2,282: Binghamton gets Jacked with Afrojack
  9. 1,911: The Binghamton Commandments
  10. 1,869: University investigating AXP

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