Daniel O’Connor

Image placement in WordPress posts

I just spent most of my day figuring out how to get WordPress to display multiple images in an article. Basically, I learned that images should be attached, not inserted, to an article. I then wrote a function in functions.php called get_photos() that finds all of the photos associated to a post and returns it to single-page.php. The returned photos contain a priority that helps determine where they are placed.

The image placement all depends on the photo’s quality, orientation, and aspect-ratio. Photos that go right below the headline must be wide and short, while smaller thumbnails can have almost any dimensions. The top two (or one, depending on if there is a dominant-worthy photo) are displayed within the article while the remaining appear in a slideshow.

The get_photos() function ensures that the top photos get highlighted and slideshows are created. I’ll be sharing the code as soon as it is polished and ready to go!

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