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Get a fluid layout with the LESS CSS Grid

LESS CSS Grid code

One of my main goals for the new Pipe Dream website is to create a responsive design. In other words, the layout will automatically adjust to the size of the browser and look as good on an iPhone as it does on a desktop. One of the main components this design is a fluid grid.

I searched around for an existing responsive grid and found the 1140 CSS Grid, a 12-column grid that, as the name implies, has a max-width of 1140px. However, I soon realized that 12 columns wasn’t flexible enough for our needs. I needed a 24-column fluid grid, but I couldn’t find any online, so I ended up creating my own.

The LESS CSS Grid is inspired by the 1140 CSS Grid and uses LESS, a dynamic stylesheet, to make modifications incredibly easy. LESS extends CSS with features such as variables, operations, and parameters, so adjusting the column width is as easy as editing a number. By default, the LESS CSS Grid is a fluid 24-column grid with a max-width of 1140px.

When creating the 24-column grid, I played around with the 1140 CSS Grid and (after much frustration) figured out the formula behind the column widths. The math looks like this:

width: (@colWidth * @numCol) + (@gutter * (@numCol - 1));

The variable @colWidth is the width of one column (user defined), @numCol is the number of the column (so @numCol of .span5 is 5), and @gutter is the width, in percent, of the column’s right-margin (this is automatically calculated). The formula for calculating the gutter looks like this:

@gutter: (100- (@colWidth* @numCols))/ (@numCols - 1);

In this case, @colWidth is the width of a single column (user defined) and @numCols is the total number of columns.

Since LESS supports parameters, each column simply calls the following:

.column(@numCol) {
  float: left;
  margin-right: @gutter;
  width: (@colWidth * @numCol) + (@gutter * (@numCol - 1));

Be sure to check out the project on GitHub, and feel free to contribute! This should be the first of many more open-source contributions!

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