Hello! I’m a design systems engineer based in San Francisco. I use code and communication to improve product quality and developer productivity.

Right now I build Thumbprint, the design system at Thumbtack. I previously worked at Optimizely where I helped build and maintain OUI.


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  • Thumbtack


    I work on Thumbprint, the cross-platform design system at Thumbtack.

    While I’ve worked on all parts of the system, I tend to focus on our web and native UI components, design tokens, documentation site, and infrastructure.

    I also spend a lot of time helping folks contribute, gathering user feedback, and thinking about our team’s roadmap.

  • Optimizely


    As a UI Engineer on the design team, I maintained OUI, Optimizely’s UI library, and built design systems that improved UI consistency and developer productivity.


Collection of articles, videos, and talks that I enjoy sharing.

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