Daniel O’Connor

Building & Maintaining OUI (Optimizely's UI Library)

I wrote the second part of a two-part series on CSS-Tricks about building and maintaining Optimizely's UI Library.

Here's the introduction:

Over a year ago we set out on a mission at Optimizely to unify our product design and get a handle on our ever-increasing CSS payload. Fellow UI Engineer Tom Genoni spearheaded this effort in 2014 and created our Sass framework called OUI.

We first integrated OUI into a small part of the Optimizely application and gradually added it to the entire A/B Testing product in the months that followed. We have since developed an entire new product, and a handful of smaller ones, using the framework. This increase in scope presented unique challenges and required us to improve our implementation strategy.

In Part 1, Tom wrote about the high-level steps it took to build and evangelize OUI. In this post I’ll discuss the Sass architecture decisions we made and processes we added that have allowed us to scale OUI.

Read the entire post on CSS-Tricks.